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Monday, February 11, 2013

The fighters with pedophiles starting up “clear Internet”

The Russian Internet haven’t used to the work of so called register of prohibited sites yet but the Secure Internet League prepared a new surprise for its users. According to representatives of this very League, they talk with providers of one of the Russian region and they agreed to give their users the access only to those sites that are included to special white list. It means that there will not be any access to sites that are not included in this list.

According to the fact that this is not only the violation of the consumer’s right law but also the 29 article of constitution that is directly prohibit any censorship. By these means it is possible to remove restrictions of some user’s request.

“If someone wants to watch pornography, scenes of violence, he can inform the communication operator about his decision”, - said the representatives of the League.

That means that all people who want to use Internet, but not the created by the Secure Internet League local sub-network a priori considered as people who are fond of pornography and scenes of violence and cruelty. Of course there is no any allusion towards the League but id those providers who agreed to participate to take part in these experiment are sane?
Conscientious limitations of given by commercial organization the access to the Internet will lead to the only one consequence - the client will change this company and chose another one that will provide them by access without any limitations and it’ll cost them the same money.

The Secure Internet League announces that they agreed to introduced the white list with 29 providers of one of the region. So, it means that these 29 providers will soon withdraw from the market in this market and another 29 more farseeing providers will come on their place. This is called real competition.
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Monday, January 28, 2013

Right protectors accuse American companies in supply of equipment for Internet censorship by authoritarian regime

The Citizen Lab research center operating in the University of Toronto announced that authoritarian regimes around the world use technologies developed by the companies of Silicon Valley for Internet filtering and users’ tracing.

In particular Canadian e-right protectors said that several countries use equipment developed by famous company Coat Systems as it was informed by SecurityLab.

“The received data confirms the necessity international and national verification of Blue Coat Systems in stated countries and also to carry out the “dual purpose” and communication technology’s global information spreading observation - according to the report.

Experts hope that their published report became the reason to observe Blue Coat Systems to be sure that the equipment produced in their company doesn’t use for the violation of human rights.

During the researches that were caring out this 2 weeks Citizen Lab’ experts found out the equipment Blue Coat ProxySG in the Net 61 and also 316 complexes of Blue Coat PacketShaper. All these allow filtering and censoring.

The equipment data was founded in Egypt, Kuwait, Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Bahrain, China, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Kenya, Lebanon, Malaysia, Nigeria, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey and Venezuela.

Earlier the Blue Coat was accused of their equipment using by Syrian authorities fro Internet filtering and monitoring. At that moment the company said that their equipment can’’t be used for such measures and got there by illegal way.

Blue Coat Systems company was found at 1996. The company provides the security of Web-communications and release corporate business offers. Hardware-software complexes which allow limiting of unwanted Internet traffic and secure from malicious software's, undesirable content and other Web-threat and also to speed the work of of Net business application are very famous among those developed by the company. In 2008 the BlueCoat purchased the Packeteer company specialized in developing, monitoring and traffic controlling. According to IDC’s estimate is the best in the world in content’s security and application delivery.

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tencent Internet-holding denies censorship charge

The biggest Chinese Internet company called Tencent denies all charges of its chat-application WeChat censoring. According to the word of the company’s representatives the inaccessibility of many types of the content abroad is a technical error not an act of censorship. At the same time many blogs and and West editions report that “technical errors” can appear only if messages of users include any kind of “prohibited words”. In this way according to The Next Web blog’s data the error take place every time a user talks on any of “sensible themas, for example the name of the prohibited Falgulon group or the one of newspaper, the journalists of which openly opposed censorship. Also users massages after stating links of the oppositional blogs are also inaccessible.

We remind that earlier the Chinese government was repeatedly accused of Internet censorship, however the official Beijing never admitted facts of political blocking, saying that they only block resources with pornography and illegal content.

Today the Internet-holding published the issue according to which some foreign users cannot get the access to a number of message due to some technical errors. We are taking measures to eliminate this problem and adduce an excuse”, - said Tencent.

Nowadays Tencent is also the operator of the instant messages service QQ and of the Tencent Weibo blog-platform. The WeChat numbers nearly 300 million Internet users.

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sibal is not the only fighter with the Internet censorship

New Delphi: The Internet knows no boundaries, follows no rules. It presents us all sides of the story. It is some kind of phenomena for the society.

Turning the arguments upside down you will get some arguments for censorship or content screening - no freedom is absolute specially if the matter is the whole nation.

Kapil Sibal telecom minister together with representatives of Facebook, Google and some other sites are having this theory as a base during their meeting within last two months. There is a belief that Sibal suggests pre-screening of the content that in its turn promotes obscenity and regards some religions. Others consider some cartoons to depict Mrs Gandhi and other socio-political leaders.

One can represent government’s move that have been a cue Vinay Rai, Aijaz Ashraf Qasmi.

On December 20th , Qasmi a spokesperson of Deoband filed a civil suit in the capital of India. Delphi’s court demanded removal of blasphemous content and assurance from a certain number of websites that will compulsory host any content in future.

Founder of Qasmi is a highly professional mufti from Deoband. He pursued journalism from the seminary in 2006.

Qasmi noted the material of a religious character or some other similar sentiments should not be placed in the web site or placed with a special permission. It is some kind of a social bomb because this type of the content produces evidence via sealed envelope if it is possible to say that.

Earlier on December 16 Rai , a journalist with a national channel of news posted a criminal case in the Patiala House, it was directed to the websites on the same basics. In these statements Rai points out that the freedom of speech is not at all showing and speaking all you want to speak or do. Rai also advices not to attack religion because it may lead to cruel protests and collisions.

Both these persons are for censorship and for pre-screeing on some searching engines and social nets. According to their statement Ban is neither practical nor intended.

You tube is the best example: every video is screened before being uploaded, it does not presuppose its being viewed instantly, other sites have the same norms for existing, their hosts study social and law work at the Lucknow University.

They additionaly brief Sibal a progress of the court cases. Qasmi assures that he would put much efforts in this matter and aquire more than 1500 people in social net such as Facebook.

What makes different Internet from media: Internet spreads the information quicker than media and in case of publishing some offensive information in the net before it is noticed it would have been spread to the great number of sites by that moment.

The speed of information spreading in this case depends on the popularity of the site especially in social web communities.

The kind of screening the demand is very meaningful in the United States of America and some other Western countries.

West follows double standards, they does not allow publishing of these materials in their territory, they can propagate such material on Indian websites. People from all over the world congratulate me on the initiative and this is the beginning.

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

The tracing-Internet technology is used almost in 20 countries

Canadian legal organization knew that nearly 20 countries of the world including Russia and China use the technology developed in the USA for Internet censoring and tracing users’ activity, reports New York Times. 

The Study Group Citizen Lab which headquarters are situates in the Toronto University could trace features that are typical for Blue Coat Systems ( American Web security provider) with the help of data gathering servers.

Citizen Lab found out that this technology is used by the governments of India, China, South Korea, Iraq, Singapore and several more countries.

Authors of the investigation announces that with the its help they want to attract public attention to the problem of Internet censorship that is becoming more deep. It needs to be noticed that the US State Department allows selling this programme abroad, except several countries including Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Iran and Syria.

In 2011 it became known that hardware and soft ware Blue Coat Systems is used by Syrian government for tracing the regime’ opponent. The company denies any involvement in their technology selling to Syria. But the compone couldn't comment a new information published by Citizen Lab.

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bloggers arranged a protest against censorship witness for Adagamov

On January 11 many popular Russian bloggers published a Rustem Adagamov’s post (a liveJournal user who was dismissed by the order of Roscomnadzor for suicide propaganda).The at their sites. The aim of this action is the opposition to censorship in Russian Internet.

The first post was placed by the oppositionistAleksey Navalnyi on his LiveJournal. Some time later Aleksandr Plyushev a journalist of the “Echo Moskvi follow his suit. It was he who announced about the beginning of a centralised action.

After Plyushev the post of Adagamov was published by Vladimir Varfolomeev, the chief editor of the “Echo Moskvi” on his LiveJournal. All together several tens of blogers participated in the action.

The Adagamov’s post dated from March, 2012 had been hidden on the Russian territory by the heads of LiveJournal on Friday. By the words of Iliya Dronov, the head of the server, the Reuters photographic coverage about self-immolation in Tibet was considered by the Roscomnadzor as a prohibited information.

According to a point of view of many blogers photos, published by Adagamov were devoted to a tragic event, and it is as clear as a day that there is no any suicide propaganda.

Some action’ participants suggested that Roscomnadzor decision is connected with the scandal in the center of which was Rustem Agadamov: In the end of December his ex wife accused him of a child molestation.

However the Roscomnadzor explained that the request to delete his note was not connected with the accusations against Agadamov. And really, according to site the post was included in the black list of sites by the Rosconadzor’ order on November 12, 2012. On January 11 the “Izvestia” with a reference to the Roscomnadzor wrote that after blocking the access to this note on the Russian territory the service does not have any claims to Rustem Adagamov’s blog.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Aims for protests of ACTA, SOPA

The Operation Black March boycott is supposedly aimed at stopping online piracy by asking opponents of such policies not to purchase media. It is led by Anonymous aims to protest ACTA, SOPA. The boycott is a coordinated effort by various factions of the Internet that have aligned against the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, Stop Online Piracy Act, Protect IP Act, Protecting Children from Internet Pornographers Act and other such measures, and is being headed off by the Anonymous hacktivists.

The “Black March” is the latest protests aimed at allowing people from all over the world to come together and to announce their opposition to ACTA and provisions within the treaty that threaten to limit Internet freedom, impose a new censorship regime.

The flier declares that the message of the boycott as: Copyrighted media won't be allowed while Internet is being censored, then went into a longer discussion of its goals, and how people can participate in the act of civil disobedience:

Why? Due to the continuous campaigns and suits concerning Internet Censorship such as SOPA, PIPA and ACTA and others we MUST take actions against Film, Music, Book and Magazine Companies and other media companies, the flier reads.

How? Don't buy any magazine, newspaper, DON'T download ANY song DON'T watch any movie at the cinema, DON'T buy ANY DVD or videogame and DON'T buy any book.

The flier is black with stark white writing, and it features a watermark bearing an Anonymous insignia in the bottom-right corner.

With the continuing campaigns for Internet-censoring litigation such as SOPA and PIPA, and the closure of sites such as Megaupload the time has come to take a stand against music, film and media companies' lobbyists, the site reads. The only way to hit their profit margins. This means do not buy a single record, DVD, videogame, a single book or magazine in the stores. Do not go to see a single film in cinemas, or download a copy.

The protests have had varying degrees of success. In January a coordinated anti-SOPA internet blackout led to the bill being shelved last week by the U.S. Congress.

And on Feb. 11, the world is coming together to protest ACTA in cities from New York to Budapest to Melbourne.

ACTA would set up an international legal framework to deal with issues of counterfeiting, piracy and other crimes. Instead of dealing with national laws regarding these issues, these nations would be able to adjudicate alleged crimes in a new governing body that would exist outside of the purview of the United Nations and other international institutions.

The opponents are worrying that ACTA would create a new regime of Internet censorship and criminalization of commonplace online activities so that is why they have taken to the streets and the Web to voice their concerns, which appear to be gaining some traction with international leaders tasked with negotiating the treaty, which its supporters hope to have in place by June.

The Operation Black March boycott is going to be another source of pressure on the world's leaders to rethink their approach the Internet, and its impacts will be interesting to follow as its full scope is realized.
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